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Kitchen Design Checklist

The following four articles are intended to help in the design of your new kitchen.

Preparing for a Kitchen Remodel

Remodeling your kitchen can be extremely disruptive on a family's lifestyle, but with a little foresight and planning, you can function quite well for the length of the project.
Before the project starts:
— Ask your contractor how much of the room needs to be packed in order to start the project. Pack all your kitchen goods. This is essential.
— Label each of the boxes with their exact contents. This will prevent a frantic search for any item needed during the job.
Put aside essential items, such as:
— coffee, coffee maker and filters
— can opener
— cutting board and knife
— microwave with microwave cookbook
— salt, pepper and assorted spices
— utensils
— paper plates

Reprinted with permission, (NARI) National Association of the Remodeling Industry

How to Measure Your Kitchen

1. Draw a line representing each wall of your kitchen on the printed grid and identify each wall. Also count the number of doors and windows in the room.
2. Measure the length of each wall. Measure the width of windows and doors and the height of each window, including the frame. Sketch in each window and door on the wall it occupies, and write its measurements.
3. Measure the distance of the wall to the left of the sink from the corner to the center of the sink. Sketch the location of the sink on the grid and write the measurement on the sketch.
4. Measure from the wall to the left of the dishwasher. Sketch in the dishwasher on the grid and write the measurement from the left wall.
5. Measure from the beginning of the wall to the left of your refrigerator. Sketch refrigerator location on the grid. Enter the measurement on your sketch.
6. Measure from the beginning of the wall to the left of your range or cooktop. Sketch range location on the grid. Enter the measurement on your sketch.
7. If you have a kitchen shape with corners, you will be able to select the type of corner cabinet for your kitchen.

Kitchen Design Checklist

Print this checklist out for reference during each stage of your project.

General Layout Requirements

— At least one work triangle is in place.
— Total distance between points does not exceed 26'.
— Traffic patterns do not interfere with triangle.
— Island/peninsula counters do not interfere with triangle.

Counter Space Requirements

Appliance Space and Planning Requirements

— Dishwasher within 36" of sink.
— Sufficient space between dishwasher and adjacent counters, other appliances and cabinets to allow for loading and unloading (21" standing space recommended).
— Bottom of microwave placed between counter and eye-level (approx. 24" to 48" off floor) with adjacent counter top work area.
— Adequate ventilation available.

Other Space and Planning Requirements

— At least 12"-19" of leg room beneath eating areas in counters, peninsulas, islands and bars.
— Sufficient, accessible storage available.
— Aisles wide enough for two people to pass—at least 48" in food prep areas—at least 36" between facing cabinets.
— Good overall lighting and task lighting at sink, range and work areas.

Reprinted with permission of the NKBA, the National Kitchen & Bath Association, the finest professionals in the kitchen and bath industry.

Kitchen Lifestyle Questions:

1. My kitchen remodel qualifies as:

A facelift—spruce up my kitchen with paint, wallpaper, a new floor, new countertops, fixtures and possibly an appliance.
A Rework—gut existing kitchen and install all new cabinets, appliances and flooring within an existing space.
A Do-Over—making room for a larger kitchen by reconfiguring space and possibly adding on; probably working with a professional

2. What kind of cook are you?

Reluctant Cook—Cooking isn't really my forte. I usually do simple food preparation and don't spend much time in the kitchen. Efficiency and easy maintenance are keys for me.
Family Cook—I make meals for my family, and prepare food for the occasional bake sale. I'm in my kitchen quite a bit, and features that make my kitchen work better are important to me.
Gourmet Chef—I like to prepare more complex meals with flare, and we often entertain. I get personal enjoyment out of being in the kitchen, so I want it to look great, work well and be a pleasure to work in.

3. What other activities do you do in your kitchen?

— Entertaining
— Home office work
— Informal dining
— Kids do homework
— Laundry
— Listening to radio and CD's
— TV Viewing

4. What is your minimum/maximum budget?

5. What are the top five things that drive you crazy in your kitchen?

6. What are the top ten things on your wish list for your new kitchen?

7. What are the details that make a difference?

— Bookcase
— Bread storage
— Cookbook Shelf
— Cutlery dividers
— Desk
— Dishwasher Panel
— Glass-front doors
— Lazy susans
— Microwave shelf
— Pigeonhole organizers
— Plate rack
— Pull-out cutting board
— Rack
— Recycling center
— Spice drawer
— Stemware rack
— Tip out sink front
— Wine rack
— Wood Range Hood

8. What are the task and accent lighting locations?

— Along baseboards
— Indirect lighting on top of wall cabinets
— Inside glass cabinets
— Over island
— Over the range
— Over the sink
— Under wall cabinet workstation
— Under wall cabinets
— Over an in-kitchen dining area


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