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Cleaning an Air Filter

Air filters do exactly what they say, filter the air and need periodic cleaning.  Two type of filters are common:  washable and disposable.  In this section, we clean the filter.  This increases air flow, reduces load on the fan motor and prevents build-up on the ducts. If you are really concerned about air quality you might also explore the use of Indoor Air Purifiers.

Items needed:
Screw driver
Cleaning spray

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Be sure that unit is off!
Use caution when climbing a ladder
Waer eye protection

Level of difficulty

Time Required:
1 hours


Locate return duct

Step 1:

The first step is to locate the return duct.  This is the one through which air returns to the heating and air conditioning unit. If you have a large house, there may be two of these.

Loosen cover screws

Step 2:

Using a screw driver, loosen the catch to open the cover.  Be careful if this is a ceiling mount as the filter may drop right out.

Dirty, Dirty!

Step 3:

It's amazing how effective these filters are.  Just look at the particulates that are trapped!

Spray with clean and rinse

Step 4:

Using a household cleaner, heavily spray the filter and rinse with hot water.   The filter should be clean and allow a free flow of air. 

Return the screen to the housing, close the cover and tighten the screw catches.


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