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Here are testimonials from some of our users:

Just wanted to let you know this is a great site and 10 times more useful than say HGTV's site. I couldn't find a workbench kit anywhere and I was reading my latest issue of Handy Man and there was your ad. Unbelievable..... Hope to see more and I'm on my way to the lumber yard with your cut list in hand...
Ron Cruikshank

Thank you for the quick response. I look forward to being associated with DIY. Thanx again for the great customer service.

INCREDIBLE!!!!! This is EXACTLY the kind of resource that should be available online! Kudos to the person/team that created this fantastic tool. I will be using this design to install a top notch sprinkler system at my home, and then I am going to tell EVERYONE about this wonderful website. Thank you!
Todd A. Chapman

This is BY FAR the BEST do-it-yourselfer resource that I have EVER had the pleasure to use!!!!!!!!!!!! I have ... books and have taken some up-grading in woodworking. However, Your design programs helped me out of a jam, told me how to do it, even how long to cut each part!!! I couldn't have asked for any better help, other than hiring a carpenter to help.
Again, THIS SITE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
Peter Fitzpatrick

Thank you very much for the wonderful help. Is there a dealer of your products in Calgary or Edmonton Alberta. I hope so! Thank you again for all your help. You must be proud of your high standard of service. It was a pleasure dealing with your company. I will pass this on to all my friends.
Rick Wieclawek

I just wanted to let you know that this is the coolest site on the web. It took me a while to get started with the Deck Design, but I did complete it. Keep up the good work.
Gina Menne

On behalf of my two children and myself, I would like to say how grateful we are to all the people who were involved in designing our sprinkler systems. Two systems are already installed; of course mine will be my next project. Diagrams were easy to read and also easy to install. By the way we do have a Home Depot here in Windsor that does carry all Orbit parts. Thanks once again.

Thanks very much for your prompt reply. It's refreshing to see good hands-on customer service these days in some companies. Have a good day.
Eric Taylor

Thank you for the kind and well-spoken response. It's so nice to get an actual response from a corporate web site beyond the standard "press the corporate boiler plate response key"...I wish you and your company well. I like what I have seen so far at the DIYonline site and hope you are all very successful.
Bill Lynch

I have an engineering company that sells computers to manufacturers; my wife is an Internet programmer/developer for a major insurance company. We know a lot more about web sites and the Internet that most of America. We have only one thing to tell you about your Deck Designer. It is by far the best place anywhere to design a deck. Period. We went to all the local home warehouses that have "deck design" software, but they were so limited that we could not use them. And forget finding anything close to it on the Internet.
Tell your people to keep up the good work.
Ed and Megan McNamara

Hello to all who have been as fortunate as I to have stumbled across this amazing site! I live in Ontario, and work for the largest chain of building supply outlets in the province...I will check in on a regular basis. Good day, eh!

Hello. I'd like to thank you for such an excellent resource as DIY. I have used the Deck Designer and am very pleased with the plans. I am also (in conjunction with my deck) planning to build a privacy fence. Can you tell me when you plan to implement the fence designer? It would be great if I could incorporate it into the deck specifications. Thank you very much!

Fantastic content, easy-to-use...keep it coming!!

Just wanted to compliment you on your Deck Designer tool... it was exactly what I was looking for. I've been looking for something like this for weeks, and all I can find are CAD tools which are, frankly, way more detailed and complicated than I, and most everyone else, need... I'm in web development, and I just like to give credit for a job well done. Hats off to you!
Brett Green

I usually do not take the time to comment on web sites, but yours is truly remarkable. As a Java programmer (and woodworking enthusiast), I am happy to see companies such as yourself, employing strengths of Java to build online applications worthy of full-blown application reviews. I've already tried your deck planner, and have thoroughly enjoyed using the tool. I wish you much success on your site, and anxiously anticipate the release of the kitchen designer tool.
Sholom Lasker

Your site is fantastic and a great tool and resource. I used the deck designer tool and the output from this tool includes fantastic drawings, materials lists, instructions on wood cut necessary, and etc. I think your site is going to be a winner and just wanted to share my impression.
John J. Kessler

Just wanted to say, Great Site!! Very helpful!! I hope you continue to expand its capabilities. I'm especially impressed by the deck designing tool.

I think your site is wonderful. Very well designed and easy to sign up. Easy to access, easy to search, and all around excellent web site. I am a satisfied user!

Thanks for the information; the service you provide is great! I will be going ahead with my sprinkler project and the orbit product line will be my only choice for purchasing!

I've not had any problems. I had to download Adobe 4.0 to get the printouts to work, but besides that it's been pretty easy. So far I've done the deck and the sprinkler system and loved the results. Have you looked at the design software out in the stores? Let me tell you - what I've seen stinks!
Saw Man

Your site is the best DIY page I've surfed upon. I was wondering if you'd be offering a do it yourself electronics repair and design page in the future?
Jason Jaeger

"I have surfed the web seriously for a long time now. Been to literally hundreds of web-sites. Yours was absolutely flawless, and you should be told so. Wish they could all be as good... Wouldn't it be nice if all businesses would be as customer-oriented as you are? Your web-site is about as effecient as any I've been to ... Congratulations. You will deserve your success."
E. Rushing

"WOW! Great Service! I just took a look at the design, looks great.
Thanks again!"

"I give this service mega kuddos...this one outranks them all on speed of design return, and overall design of the system. Good Job... I have installed [my sprinkler system] and it all works like a champ! My deck is my next project..."

"Thanks for all your help! This is the second time we are using your service. You were a very big help on my first project, now I'm going to do my sister-in-law's back yard. Thanks again."

"Thank you very much. I got everything downloaded and printed out ok. Now I simply must pay attention and get the work done according to the instructions. I don't know how I could do this without your detailed plans. Thanks again."
Ken Thoma

"Thank you for the speedy work you did... you have laid it out the way I figured it should be."
Frank Lowry

"I have to say it is amazing... I have been a carpenter for 17 years and I have to say I am truly amazed... I just can not get over on how accurate the design is...WOW!!!!!
This is so simple and fast. I have been raving about it..."
Brian Rucks

" takes the mystery (and math) out of home improvement projects so even a novice who is all thumbs can tackle any project."
D. Arond

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