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Q: I picked up my Sprinkler Designer Specification Kit and clicked "Print My Design". Why won't it print?
You may need to update your version of our Sprinkler Designer program. You can download the latest version at the following URL: After the Sprinkler Designer is reinstalled, please try to print your Specification Kit again.

Q: What is the maximum size yard the Sprinkler Designer program can currently handle?
Sprinkler Designer currently accepts designs up to 600 feet on either side, however if the design is larger than 400 ft. on any side, the design becomes difficult to read because it is reduced to fit inside the viewable screen. If you have a design that is larger than 600 feet on either side, we recommend that you split the design in half and submit two separate designs.

Q: What sprinkler heads do you recommend I use?
For medium sized areas of your property, we recommend that you use four inch pop-up heads to ensure that the heads clear the top of your grass when in the "up" position. For large areas of your property, we recommend the large gear drive heads since they are more efficient and easier to use. For shrubs and flowerbeds, we recommend the mushroom bubbler because it requires less water flow to run.

Q: What is the difference between PVC and POLY pipe?
PVC pipe is the stiff white plastic pipe. It is very durable, however it is harder to place at odd angles. POLY pipe is durable hose-like pipe. Since it is similar to a garden hose, it is naturally easier to bend around corners, yet it's not as durable as PVC.

Q: I have an odd-shaped house that isn't represented in your program. How can I work around this so I can use your software?
Since our current program represents only the most common house shapes, we recommend that you use the shape that most closely resembles your house, and then use the "unwatered areas" icon to detail your house. (The Sprinkler Designer program considers "unwatered areas" to be virtually anything, therefore the program assumes that pipe cannot be placed beneath it).

Q: How can I represent my shed, barn, or workshop? Those icons are not included in your software.
Use the "unwatered area" icon because it is considered to be anything that you do not want watered. Pipe will not be placed underneath it.

Q: I have a desert landscape. How can I show the program that I only want my shrubs watered and not the entire yard?
Do the entire landscape as if the entire desert area will be watered. Next, email the design to with specific instructions describing the areas you would like watered. An enhanced version of our software is in development and will include a "gravel" icon to accommodate your desert landscape needs.

Q: I submitted my design three days ago. Where is it?
The most common types of errors that would prevent you from receiving the email notifying you that your design is ready, is that you either misspelled your email address or your AOL preferences are set to block unknown email addresses. Please click this link to search for your design.

Q: I created a Sprinkler Design over two months ago and now I can't retrieve it from your website. Is there a way that I can access it?
Only the last two months of Sprinkler Designs are retained on the server. If you need a design older than two months recalled for your viewing, email for retrieval.

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