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Q: I have two windows, one door, and a pantry. How can I account for these using your Kitchen Designer program?
The current version of our Kitchen Designer software can accommodate kitchens with one door and one window only. We hope to incorporate added features into a future version of the software to accommodate the growing needs of our users.

Q: I want to purchase the materials listed in my Kitchen Designer Specification Kit. How do I do this on your site?
At this time, you must take the Specification Kit to the local Home Store of your choice; there are several references on the last page of your Kitchen Designer Specification Kit. In the near future, we will have an E-commerce feature on our site that will enable you to purchase the materials you need directly from our site, and have the materials delivered to your home. Be sure to check back with us soon.

Q: I have an L-shaped kitchen but I don't have enough room for corner cabinets. How can I eliminate the corner cabinets?
At this time there is no way to deselect corner cabinets. We ask that you add 33 inches onto the adjoining walls. The final rendering in your Kitchen will still show corner cabinets, but you can subtract them from your Specification Kit's cabinet list after the design is complete.

Q: How can I design a galley style kitchen?
At this time, that feature is not yet available in our Kitchen Designer. The best work around is to design an "L" shaped kitchen and add 33 inches to both walls. The extra 33 inches account for the undesired corner units. The design will be an "L" shape, but you will be able to visualize how your galley style kitchen will look. You will still be able to place all of the necessary appliances where they need to be. When you view your Kitchen Designer Specification Kit, simply subtract the corner cabinets from your Specification Kit's cabinets list.

You are here: Home > Kitchen
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