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Q: I want to purchase the materials listed in my Floor Tile Calculator Specification Kit. How do I do this on your site?
A: At this time you must take the Specification Kit to your local Home Store of choice; there are several references on the last page of your Specification Kit. Shortly we will have an E-commerce function on our site that will enable you to purchase the materials you need directly from our site, and have the materials delivered to your home. Be sure to check back with us soon.

Q: I'm a beginning DIYer. Do you think I can lay a tile floor all by myself?
A: This is no easy task, lots of attention to detail is involved. Preparation is the most important step; but with some good instructions and our Floor Tile Calculator, (and maybe a friend to help out a bit) you will be on your way to a new tile floor in no time!

Q: I designed my floor plan with ease, but I don't want tile under my stove or in my closet. How can I omit these areas so that I will have an accurate tile calculation?
A: Use our calculator's "non-tile areas" feature to cover the areas you do not wish to place tile, and the calculator will subtract the square footage to account for those areas.

Q: Can I stop within the Floor Tile Calculator and return to where I was later?
A: No. The Floor Tile Calculator, like all of our other Design Tools and Calculators must be completed in one session.

Q: What software is necessary to run the Floor Tile Calculator program?
A: Macromedia's Flash 4 is necessary. You can download this software from a link on the Site Resources page.

Q: How do I delete an old project?
A: To delete the old project, click the red DELETE button next to the project name on the My Projects page.

You are here: Home > Remodeling
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