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Q: Why can't I see the continue button on the "Getting to Know the Program" page?
Maximize the screen, or check your screen's resolution in MS Windows.
To check your screen's resolution:

  1. Right click on the desktop, and select Properties.
  2. Click on the Settings tab.
  3. In the bottom right corner is the Screen Area.
  4. If the Screen Area is not set to at least 800 by 600 pixels, move the slider to the right with your mouse button to adjust it to this setting. Click OK.
  5. You may need to reboot your computer.

Q: Can I stop within the Fence Designer program and return to where I was later?
No. The Fence Designer, like all of our other Design Tools and Calculators must be completed in one session.

Q: Why can't I enter anything on the worksheet with the hand?
The hand that you see is the pointer in the Adobe Acrobat program. Click on the printer icon next to the red Adobe icon to print your worksheet. Then fill in the blanks and have it ready when you run the Design Tool.

Q: What software do I need to print the Fence worksheet?
To view and print our worksheets, it is necessary to have Adobe Acrobat 4.0 or higher installed. You can download this software from a link on the Site Resources page.

Q: What software is necessary to run the Fence Designer program?
Java 1.2 is necessary. You can download this software from the Site Resources page.

Q: The Java applet window with the red progress bar seems to be locked up. How can I fix my Java plugin so I can use your Fence Designer?
Uninstall and then re-download and reinstall the Java program. Be sure to reboot your computer after installation.
To uninstall Java:

  1. From the Start menu, point to settings, and click Control panel.
  2. Select Add/Remove programs.
  3. Select Java Runtime Environment.
  4. Click Add/Remove.
  5. Answer Yes in the box that asks you if you really want to do this.
For additional suggestions, refer to either Sun's Java 1.2 Installation Instructions, Sun's Java 1.3 Installation Instructions, or customer support.

Q: Why can't I view my report after I downloaded Adobe Acrobat?
When you first download Adobe Acrobat 4.0, the program brings up a licensing agreement window that does not show as the active window. It is behind the browser window. The new browser window will not display the report until you click to accept the license agreement.

To see the report, first close the blank screen. Then click to accept the license agreement, and click to view the report again.

Q: How do I delete an old project?
To delete the old project, click the red DELETE button next to the project name on the My Projects page.

Q: I have designed my fence with a lot of edges and corners. What is the minimum size I can chose for any particular side of my fence?
All edges of the fenced area must be at least two feet long and two feet wide.

Q: Why can't I design my fence with one or more sides completely open? My house, for example, takes up one entire edge of my design. How do I account for this with your program?
The fence opening(s) cannot be the full length of any edge. The Fence Designer program currently defaults to a 1-foot fence strip on each side of the opening. To add a house into your design, select the "house" icon in the "shape tools" box. Next, click the side of the fence where the house is located. You may then resize the house along that side.

Q: Why can't I use the "fence opening" tool right after I have used the "single gate" tool? The second tool does not seem to work.
To add a single gate, or an opening in your fence, choose a gate tool. Then choose one of the blue handles with your left mouse button and drag it to the desired dimension. Click the CONTINUE button to move from one gate tool to another, and then click CONTINUE when you are finished with the gate design procedure. The red handle allows you to resize the gate or opening (you cannot, however, have one edge of the fence COMPLETELY open, the program defaults to a one-foot fence strip on each side of the opening) and the yellow handle allows you to slide the gate or opening to your desired location.

Q: What are the minimum and maximum sizes allowed by your program for a single gate?
The minimum size for a single gate is three feet, and the maximum size is four feet. If you wish to change the direction in which the gate opens, this can be done during construction by placing the hinge on the appropriate side.

Q: I completed my project and a "Check Report" button appears. I continued to click the "Check Report" button, but nothing happened. Why can't I see my report?
Be sure you did not exit the Fence Designer program by closing the program window before you submitted your design. You must click the "Submit My Design Now" button to send us your design electronically. We can then review your design and return your custom Fence Specification Kit promptly. You will be able to view your report from the My Projects page.

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