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The wall space between the chair rail and the baseboard.

Dado joint
A groove that is cut across the grain of one board receives another board.

The wooden boards on which you walk.

Detail sander
A small power sander with a triangular sanding head used to finish details.

Diagonal side-cutting pliers
Pliers with short, sharp blades for cutting wire.

Disc sander
A power sander that removes excess material from the surface of wood and metal.

Double cutting
A process by which two pieces of wallpaper are overlapped and cut through both layers, resulting in a perfectly fitted seam.

Double roll
A bolt of two single rolls of wallpaper in a continuous strip.

Dremel tool
Brand name for a small high-speed power tool, similar to a dentist's drill, that uses bits for grinding, sanding, drilling, polishing, and sharpening.

Drill bit
A steel-shafted, pointed cutting piece that fits into the chuck of a drill and makes holes.

Drilling hammer
A small sledgehammer used for hammering cold chisels, masonry chisels, star drills, and punches.

Drill press
A floor- or bench-mounted stationary power drill that presses drill bits down into work clamped to adjustable tables.

Driver bit
A bit made for a power drill with a tip that fits into a fastener to turn it.

Drop match
A wallpaper term meaning a pattern match in which every other strip will have the same pattern design along the ceiling line.

Drywall bit
A drill bit that drives drywall screws into drywall and prevents screws from sinking too deeply and tearing the surface paper.

Drywall saw
A handsaw with a narrow blade coming from the end of the handle.

Dye lot
The group of wallpaper rolls that are printed at the same time insuring uniform dye lots.

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