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Cable ripper
Small metal device for slicing the outer insulation from wiring cable without cutting the sheathing on the wires inside.

A precise instrument with two legs set either to the inside or outside of a round object to measure or transfer its dimensions.

Bolt with a threaded, straight, blunt end shaft, and a round head (with a 6 sided recession) which uses an Allen wrench to tighten.

The outer framework of a structure.

Carpenter's level
Straight-edged metal or plastic device with several liquid-filled chambers used to measure level or plumb.

Carpenter's pencil
A large, flat pencil used by carpenters to make measuring and cutting marks.

Carriage bolt
Bolt that has a squared shoulder on the shank under a rounded head. The square shoulder holds while the nut on the other end is tightened.

Clamp shaped like a "C" with a tightening screw on the open side where work is gripped.

Wallpaper paste generally used for non-vinyl wallcoverings.

Center punch
Small steel rod with a pointed end used to mark an indentation in metal or wood, for starting a drill bit.

Chalk line
A line made by snapping a string containing chalk.

Channel-joint pliers
Adjustable rib-joint pliers with offset, serrated jaws for firmly gripping things. One handle has a ridge that fits into a groove in the other handle, allowing for a large range of adjustment providing optimum leverage

Power tool that chops tree branches and limbs into wood chips.

A long, narrow, stiff metal blade with a sharp, beveled tip and handle for carving wood. They can be made of solid steel to use on masonry or metal.

The strong jaw assembly of a power drill that holds the drill or driver bit. Tightens and loosens by turning, either with a tightening key or by hand.

Circuit tester
Testing device for hot wires with two wire leads and a bulb that glows when the leads are connected to a live circuit

Circular saw
A portable electric power saw with a circular blade sticking out through its base, used to make straight, fast cuts.

An adjustable wood or metal device that tightens to hold objects in place.

Closet auger
Waste-line auger shorter than usual to use through the toilet.

Cobalt bit
Bit that remains sharp under high temperatures, designed for drilling hard abrasive materials.

Cold chisel
A hexagonal steel bar with a sharp, tapered edge for cutting through sheet metal.

Color retention
The ability of paint to keep its original color and resist fading.

The combination of colors in a printed design. Most designs have from two to six colorways.

Combination square
A measuring and marking instrument used for marking angles and plumb cuts, having a sliding ruler, a handle with faces at 90 and 45 degrees to the ruler, and a level bubble on the 90-degree side.

Combination tool
A tool resembling pliers, with a sharp section for stripping wire, and a dull section for crimping wire connectors.

Combination wrench
Wrench with an open end and a box end on the other.

Common nail
A plain steel nail with a round, flat head and sturdy shaft. They come in a range of sizes, designated by the letter "d," as in 8d, 10d, 16d.

Compass saw
Handsaw with a narrow blade having fine teeth, tapered to a sharp point, for cutting curves in wood, plywood, drywall, and other material.

Compound miter saw
A power miter saw that can cut angles with respect to two axes, one vertical and one horizontal, enabling the saw to cut a miter angle and a bevel angle at the same time.

An electric motor and tank that compresses air, used to power air tools.

The resistance of paint to flow.

Continuity tester
A small battery-powered device with a metal tip and an extending wire that sends energy through a disconnected circuit to see if it is intact.

A box affixed over a window which may be painted, wallpapered or covered with fabric.

The hole made, before setting a screw, that leaves the head of the screw below the surface of the board. The hold can then be covered up.

Allowing a flathead screw to sit flush with the surface of a board.

Crescent wrench
A metal hand tool that has adjustable, smooth-faced jaws to turn nuts, bolts, and pipe fittings of various sizes.

A cut perpendicular to the grain of the wood.

Crosscut saw
A handsaw with teeth designed to cut wood perpendicular to the direction of the grain.

Cross peen hammer
A lightweight, balanced hammer with a head having a flat face and a horizontal wedge-shaped face (peen) used by cabinetmakers.

A pry bar made of heavy iron with a broad chisel taper at one end and a cloven hook at the other for pulling nails.

Crown molding
Molding or trim that goes along the ceiling line around the top of a room.

Curved-claw hammer
The classic hammer, used for driving smaller nails or pulling them out.

Cutoff saw
A heavy-duty bench-top power saw that uses an abrasive blade for cutting metal, especially pipes and rods.

Cutting in
To paint the areas of the walls next to the ceiling, doors, windows, fixtures, etc.

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