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Ball peen hammer
A hammer with a dual head for metalworking.

A decorative edge or trim applied to the surface to hide end grain of sheet materials such as plywood.

Band saw
A stationary machine that runs a saw blade in a continuous loop.

Bar clamp
A flat metal bar with a sliding, screw-operated clamp mechanism on one end and a fixed stop on the other end.

Basin wrench
A long-handled wrench with an adjustable jaw at a right angle to the handle, used on faucet connections under a sink.

Boards that support the joists.

Belt sander
A power sander using a revolving belt to smooth or shape wood surfaces and remove paint and finishes.

Bench grinder
A bench-top, stationary power tool with a motor that spins abrasive wheels at high speed.

Bench vise
A mounted, heavy, metal device which has two large, flat, movable jaws that open or close when a handle is rotated.

Bent nose pliers
Needle-nose pliers with long, thin, tapered jaws bent to the side.

The incline between two faces on a piece of wood.

The formulation of dome-shaped, hollow projections on paint, often caused by heat or moisture.

A fastener with a straight, threaded, blunt-ended shaft and a six-sided head that fits into sockets for turning.

Bolt cutters
Large, long-handled cutting pliers with strong, sharp, notched jaws for cutting.

The folding of wallpaper (in on itself) that has just been pasted. This gives the adhesive time to soak in.

A decorative strip of wallpaper used to border and trim.

Bow saw
A handsaw with a large-toothed blade, held in place between the ends of a tensioned, bowed metal frame.

Box end wrench
A non-adjustable wrench with a head that surrounds and fits the nut, used for tightening or loosening nuts and bolts.

Boards placed sideways to support tall posts.

Bricklayer's hammer
Hammer with a narrow dual head used for breaking, shaping, and aligning bricks

Brick tongs
A large clamp with long handles used to carry several bricks at once.

Brick trowel
Hand tool with a flat triangular-shaped metal blade attached to a handle, used to apply and spread mortar on bricks.

Bugle-head drywall screw
Flat-head screw used on drywall. The head curves into the shank to prevent tearing the paper drywall surface. The sharp-pointed shank is fully threaded and self-drilling and -tapping.

Butted seam
The laying of two strips of wallpaper where the edges are not overlapping, but just touching.

Butt joint
The connection of two pieces of boards by placing the face, edge or end of one against the face, edge or end of another.

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