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Q: Why does the picture of my 3-D rendered bathroom appear so far away? What is the ideal bathroom size for this software?
When sizing your bathroom with our software, keep in mind that the dimensions of your bathroom will affect the scale and perspective of the 3-D renderings in your final report. The current version of our Bath Designer can accommodate a maximum length of 25 ft. per wall. The default settings are 10'5" x 8'4". Any dimensions measuring 10' x 10' or less are ideal; this will yield the best and closest views of your completed design. Walls sized to 12' x 12' or less offer a rendering that is just slightly farther away. Dimensions measuring 15' x 15' or less show perspectives that are slightly reduced in size, in order to fit within the windows, but are still easily seen. For wall lengths greater than 15 feet, the application is still completely functional, although some details are difficult to see clearly.

You are here: Home > Bath
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